UV Floor Finish description data & prices

Built with Mid America's 15 years experience in UV curable wood coatings our waterbase aliphatic urethane resins offer excellent durability, hardness, clarity and UV protection. Waterbase UV floor finishes can be applied just like traditional coating but have the benefit of being cured by UV lights in a much shorter time frame. Waterbase UV coatings can be completely cured in as few a 2 hours, compared to 48 hours plus with traditional water or oil coatings. Available in gloss, semi gloss, satin and flat, these coatings are comparable in cost with traditional waterbase coatings but provide the benefits of fast cure times and durability of a factory applied finish.

UV Cure description data & prices

Mid America has a full line of UV curable coatings. We have 100 solids, waterbase and solvent base UV. These products are available for the wood, plastic and metal industries. Available resin systems are Urethane, Polyester, Acrylic, and Epoxy. Applications include spray, vacuum coat, roll coat, and curtain coat.

Wood description data & prices

Mid America offers a full line of coatings for wood. We have 100 solids, waterbase, and solvent base UV coatings. Our conventional waterbase system for wood include, urethanes, acrylics, two component systems and self crosslinking systems are also available. Conventional solvent base systems include lacquers, precat lacquers, postcat lacquers and conversion varnishes.

Read the article "Spraying UV Finishes on Wood Surfaces" as featured in the May 2007 Issue of

Metal description data & prices

Mid America offers a full line coatings for metal. Water reducible polyester baking enamels, water reducible air dry enamels, conventional solvent baking and air dry enamels. We also offer a full line of UV coatings for metal which will reduce VOC’s and also reduce production floor space.

Plastic description data & prices

Mid-America's chemical formulators have custom formulated solvent-based, water-base and UV curable finishes for pre-treated vinyl, polystyrene, polycarbonate and other plastic substrates for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you manufacture windows, mouldings, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding or other plastic substrate we probably have developed a coating solution for you. Call or e-mail us with your application questions and our coatings professionals will be happy to discuss your finishing solution.

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